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Are you in Pain?

Dr. Toral Patel and her team will help you today!

​We will help you get better. We treat orthopedic, neuromuscular, post surgical, arthritis, postural pain, pediatric, ankle, foot, knee, shoulder, hand pain. 


Advanced Physical Therapy is a therapist-owned practice. Our patients see a licensed physical therapist every visit to ensure appropriate progression and supervision in order to achieve the best possible outcomes.

Our physical therapist have excellent educational credentials and we place an emphasis on continued education for all our staff. This is coupled with years of experience treating patients of all ages and varied physical abilities and backgrounds. We work with athletes of all levels — from the professional to the weekend warrior.

Our entire staff works as a team to support and assist our patients with all aspects of the physical therapy process. It is our sincere goal to make every aspect of your physical therapy a very positive experience

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